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by Kon Zagoritis, Optometrist

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Information about our eyecare clinics in Melbourne, Australia.

Primary Practice at:
Eye Advice Optometry Clinic, Oakleigh
84 Warrigal Road
Oakleigh Vic 3166
Tel: 03 9569 7299

Kon Zagoritis

Also at:
Eye Advice Optometry Clinic, South Yarra
17 Osborne Street
South Yarra Vic 3141
Tel: 03 9867 6994

Optometrist: Kon Zagoritis


Discussion regarding the underlying causes of the most common eye problems, presenting to a general eyecare practice.
The focus is on original ideas/concepts formulated by the author,
through over 20 years of clinical observation and literature research.

The information is directed mainly to the general public.

G.P.'s and other persons interested in preventive health, may also find the information useful.

We hope this knowledge will lead to greater public awareness of the principles involved in the maintenance of good vision and healthy eyes.

For Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, and Orthoptists who are interested in sharing and furthering their knowledge in the aetiology, prevention and management of selected, commonly occurring ocular conditions.


-Clinical refraction, particularly in relation to astigmatism.

-Anterior eye disease particularly in relation to common chronic conjunctivitis.

-Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma


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