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EYE ADVICE Optometry Clinics


EYE ADVICE Clinics in Oakleigh and South Yarra

Our optometric clinics are situated in the central locations of Oakleigh and South Yarra. We have purposefully chosen to operate from a house setting in both locations. We have found that the serene atmosphere of a house environment allows for both patient and practitioner to be more at ease. This enables good communication. A more relaxed patient leads to less neuromuscular unrest of his/her visual system, which is essential for the refractive error to be fully revealed for measurement by the practitioner.

EYE ADVICE, Oakleigh

The practice was originally established within a medical centre in Oakleigh in 1983. The Oakleigh clinic has been operating independently in its current location since 1990. The clinic can easily be found on the corner of Warrigal Rd and Davey Ave. There is ample space for car parking and the clinic can be accessed by wheelchair.

The clinic is a five-minute walk from the Oakleigh train station, which is serviced by the Pakenham and Cranbourne train lines. The Mordialloc to Box Hill bus (No. 700) travels along Warrigal Road and stops close to the corner of Warrigal Road and Davey Ave where the clinic is located. Several other bus routes service the Oakleigh train station.  

EYE ADVICE, Oakleigh

84 Warrigal Road Oakleigh 3166 TEL: (03) 9569 7299

Consultation Times

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
      9:00am -
  9:00am -
      2:00pm -


EYE ADVICE, South Yarra

The South Yarra clinic has also been operating since 1983. It is situated in a relatively quiet one-way street. The clinic can be accessed by tram (No.72, stop No.29) and by bus route No: 220 on Commercial Road. The clinic can also be accessed by train as we are situated between the South Yarra and Prahran railway stations. The Packenham and Cranbourne lines run through South Yarra station and the Sandringham line runs through both Prahran and South Yarra Stations.

EYE ADVICE South Yarra Consultation Times

17 Osborne Street Sth Yarra 3141 TEL: (03) 9867 6994

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
    9:00am -
    2:00pm -

Please call and let us know if an appointment time outside these hours is required.







Our Aims and Philosophy

EYE ADVICE Clinics in Oakleigh and South Yarra

Oakleigh Clinic Directions
South Yarra Clinic Directions


Kon Zagoritis BScOptom FVCO

Why Have Regular Eye Examinations?

(1) To Detect Eye Problems.
(2) To Detect Possible Systemic Problems.
(3) To Follow Up Any Progressive Conditions.

What Does an Eye Examination Involve?

Dilating Drops

Preparing for an Eye Examination


Eye Injuries

Medicare Cards

Avoiding Much Close Work Before Examination

Ordering Glasses

Our Range of Services

Clinical Services

Special Interest Subjects

Public Education Services

Commonly Used Spectacle Lenses

(A) Presbyopia

(1) Single Vision Lenses for Near Work

(2) Extended Focus lenses for Near Work

(3) Bifocal Lenses

(4) Multifocal or Progressive Powered Lenses

(B) Myopia (Short-Sightedness)

(C) Long-Sightedness

The Various Forms of Sun Protection

Variety and Quality in Spectacle Frames

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