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Kon Zagoritis


1982: Completed optometry training at Melbourne University.

1983: Commenced private practice, working from current practice in South Yarra and also from a multidisciplinary medical centre in Oakleigh.

1985: Became Fellow of the Victorian College of Optometry (FVCO).

1991: Commenced independent primary eyecare practice in Oakleigh.

1997: Delivered a scientific paper on astigmatism at an international optometric meeting held by the Asia Pacific Optometry Council in Korea.

2002: Delivered a presentation for NSW division of OOA in Wollongong.

2003: Completed Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics at Melbourne University.

2001-2004: Completed attendance to all ProVision Management Series modules, conducted by LaTrobe University

2009: Visited key Optometry schools in USA and spoke to leaders/professors regarding the importance of Meridional Accommodation in refractive care.


Eleni Zamprou

Eleni is our receptionist/optical assistant and works every Wednesday in South Yarra and Thursdays and Saturdays in Oakleigh. Eleni was originally trained at University level in accounting in Salonica, Greece. She moved to Melbourne permanently a few years ago and started working with us in the first half of 2014.

Eleni has won the hearts of our clientele through her strong willingness to help. In her own words, she feels very happy each day that she travels to work where she assists people to achieve their desired visual outcomes.






Our Aims and Philosophy

EYE ADVICE Clinics in Oakleigh and South Yarra

Oakleigh Clinic Directions
South Yarra Clinic Directions


Kon Zagoritis BScOptom FVCO

Why Have Regular Eye Examinations?

(1) To Detect Eye Problems.
(2) To Detect Possible Systemic Problems.
(3) To Follow Up Any Progressive Conditions.

What Does an Eye Examination Involve?

Dilating Drops

Preparing for an Eye Examination


Eye Injuries

Medicare Cards

Avoiding Much Close Work Before Examination

Ordering Glasses

Our Range of Services

Clinical Services

Special Interest Subjects

Public Education Services

Commonly Used Spectacle Lenses

(A) Presbyopia

(1) Single Vision Lenses for Near Work

(2) Extended Focus lenses for Near Work

(3) Bifocal Lenses

(4) Multifocal or Progressive Powered Lenses

(B) Myopia (Short-Sightedness)

(C) Long-Sightedness

The Various Forms of Sun Protection

Variety and Quality in Spectacle Frames

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