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Public Eye Education Services

As we consider that prevention is highly important in eye health, we take pleasure in giving talks to groups of people who are interested in hearing about eyecare issues. The talks are not only aimed at informing people about the types of treatments available for particular eye conditions, but most importantly, are aimed at increasing a person's awareness of the important causative factors involved in eye health problems. This would be essential if one hopes to prevent eye problems and maintain good vision and healthy eyes.

Any private or government organisations who are interested in arranging a talk on eyecare issues to be given by Kon Zagoritis (optometrist) are welcome to contact us at the above practice addresses and telephone numbers. The list of issues which can be addressed include:

- Eye safety and the importance of wearing sunglasses, goggles etc

- Visual hygiene (especially directed at the proper use of the eyes in school children)

- Computers and eyestrain in the modern-day office

- Development of vision in infants

- General Talk on Preventive Eye Health

- Eye health problems in the elderly and their causes

- External eye inflammations and chronic eye irritation

- General health and its effects on eye health, e.g. in diabetes, arthritis etc.

We can also be contacted by e-mail: public-edu@eye-advice.com.au





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Why Have Regular Eye Examinations?

(1) To Detect Eye Problems.
(2) To Detect Possible Systemic Problems.
(3) To Follow Up Any Progressive Conditions.

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Commonly Used Spectacle Lenses

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