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Our Aims and Philosophy

In today's hurried world, where time is scarce, we are often forced to look for quick solutions to our health problems. Our vision and eye health problems are no exception to this. E.g. a person may notice that his/her distance vision is not as clear as it used to be, so he/she decides to fix the problem by expecting to get glasses to see more clearly in the distance. However, when neither the patient nor the practitioner takes the time to look for the reason behind the vision change, no effort will be made to prevent a further deterioration of the eyesight.

In fact, the prescription that is given in a reactive manner by treating the symptoms and not the cause may make things worse in the long term. On the other hand, if every effort is made to find the possible cause of a certain eye problem, the chances of preventing further progression of that eye problem are much better. This approach, which is based on the concept of causality, enables proactive prescribing, where one is better able to predict the long-term outcome of one's treatment. Proactive prescribing attempts not only to provide comfortable and acceptably clear vision in the short-term, but also aims at maintaining good vision and healthy eyes in the long-term.

Our approach to treating eye problems emphasizes the concept of causality and proactive prescribing. This approach has enabled us to develop a special interest in the causality and prevention of common eye problems such as astigmatism and myopia in both children and adults. Another example of this is our approach to the treatment of chronic infective conjunctivitis.

We aim to continue to personally serve the public through our clinics, but also to pass on knowledge that has been gained in the above way, for the benefit of everyone. The general public can find details of our special interest conditions in the General EYE ADVICE division of this website. Literature that has been written for eyecare practitioners on astigmatism and chronic infective conjunctivitis is available through this website in the Eyecare Professionals division.





Our Aims and Philosophy

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Why Have Regular Eye Examinations?

(1) To Detect Eye Problems.
(2) To Detect Possible Systemic Problems.
(3) To Follow Up Any Progressive Conditions.

What Does an Eye Examination Involve?

Dilating Drops

Preparing for an Eye Examination


Eye Injuries

Medicare Cards

Avoiding Much Close Work Before Examination

Ordering Glasses

Our Range of Services

Clinical Services

Special Interest Subjects

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Commonly Used Spectacle Lenses

(A) Presbyopia

(1) Single Vision Lenses for Near Work

(2) Extended Focus lenses for Near Work

(3) Bifocal Lenses

(4) Multifocal or Progressive Powered Lenses

(B) Myopia (Short-Sightedness)

(C) Long-Sightedness

The Various Forms of Sun Protection

Variety and Quality in Spectacle Frames

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