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Special interest subjects

We have a particular interest in the causes and correction of astigmatism. Crucial to the more complete understanding of astigmatism, is the physiological mechanism that prevents the formation of astigmatism in the normal visual system. This mechanism is known as meridional accommodation. Proof of the existence of this mechanism is available in a paper that was delivered at an international optometric meeting (APOC) that was held in Korea in 1997. Part I of this paper is entitled "The Physiological Basis of Meridional Accommodation". Part II is entitled "Clinical Implications of Meridional Accommodation". A modified version of this paper is included in the Eyecare Professionals division of this website.

The particular problems involved in the management of astigmatism are outlined in PartII of our eye advice manual which can be found in the General Eye Advice division of this website. We are particularly interested in solving problems related to the wearing of an astigmatic correction in both infants and adults.

Chronic conjunctivitis is associated with a variety of symptoms and current treatment with eye drops does not often lead to a long-term alleviation of the problem. We have a special interest in finding the causes of this quite common ocular condition. Victorian eyecare and general practitioners, who wish to refer their patients for assessment of their condition, will receive a detailed report with recommendations for their own further management of their patient's condition.






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Why Have Regular Eye Examinations?

(1) To Detect Eye Problems.
(2) To Detect Possible Systemic Problems.
(3) To Follow Up Any Progressive Conditions.

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Commonly Used Spectacle Lenses

(A) Presbyopia

(1) Single Vision Lenses for Near Work

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The Various Forms of Sun Protection

Variety and Quality in Spectacle Frames

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