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(4) Multifocal or Progressive Powered Lenses.

These lenses allow for clear vision between the chosen near distance all the way out to far distances. This is made possible by the design of these lenses. The power of the lenses gradually reduces from the bottom of the lens (reading portion) to the top of the lens (distance part). There are thus no visible lines and unlike bifocals, the wearer can achieve clear vision for intermediate distances as well. This is useful for a variety of everyday tasks such as reading the price of goods at the supermarket etc.

These lenses are particularly useful for those people who need to wear their glasses for quite a few hours during the day and have varied tasks e.g. the housewife who has difficulties with distance vision as well as near vision. As multifocal lenses usually have a relatively small reading portion, they are not as suitable as single vision lenses for extended close work or reading in bed etc. Extended focus near lenses (see above) are more suitable than multifocal lenses for VDU use.

The wearer is usually able to adjust to multifocal lenses within the period of one month if the glasses are worn on a rather constant basis. Constant wear is recommended initially until the wearer adjusts to the glasses. The usual difficulties at first are a mild "swimming" effect when walking and blurred vision to the sides when reading. For closer work, the wearer is advised to make more head movements when looking to the sides so that the eyes are constantly looking through the centre of the lenses.





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