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For those people who are affected by presbyopia or "old"-sightedness, there are several designs of lens that can be used, depending on various factors such as the demands of the work task and whether there is an associated problem for distance vision as well.

(1)Single Vision Lenses for Near Work.

  • Normal full-sized frames can be used with single-powered lenses. When the presbyopia is advanced, this will give clear vision only at the particular distance that is chosen at the time of the examination. When the presbyopia is at its early stages (up to about fifty years of age), there is a greater range of clear vision. Single vision spectacles should be removed prior to looking away as they blur distance vision. They may cause a quicker deterioration of near vision if, for the sake of convenience, they are not removed when watching TV etc.


  • To overcome the problem of distance blur when wearing single vision near glasses, half-eye frames ("look-overs") can be used if there is negligible refractive error for distance vision. This has a few important advantages over the use of full-sized frames for reading. Most importantly, one has the freedom to look away onto a distant object without experiencing blurred vision. This not only offers the convenience of not having to remove one's glasses but also encourages long-term eye health. Probably the most important visual hygiene measure is the regular shifting of the focus away from the near task and onto a distant object.
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